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Mini female fitness dumbbell This pair of dumbbells are perfect for a variety of individual and group workouts, including jogging and power walking, aerobics, general exercise, physical therapy and even yoga routines. Easy to grip, easy to clean vin

Mini female fitness dumbbell    This pair of dumbbells are perfect for a variety of individual and group  workouts, including jogging and power walking, aerobics, general exercise,  physical therapy and even yoga routines. Easy to grip, easy to clean  vin…

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Redden Marine Convention Best Western Plus Lakeway Inn and Conference Center Since 1959, Redden Marine has been supplying the gear and equipment needs of the Commercial Fishing industry. Redden specializes in gear supply for gillnet, seine, longline and pot/trap fisheries.
The Lakeway Inn and Conference Center is proud to host the Redden Marine Conference, or facility offers flexibility and full service convention service needs. Our Main Ballroom allows flexibility for vendors to display their product in a conventional manner while allowing their attendees to touch, try and handle their goods.
Conference event planning is easy at the Bellingham Lakeway Inn Hotel. From board meetings to banquet space, from individual classrooms to the ballroom, over 11,000 square feet of meeting space can be designed to fit your needs. We can help you with your extensive of audio-visual equipment needs, LCD projectors, projection screens, and sound systems. You will always find the Bellingham Lakeway Inn staff dedicated to helping your meeting or event run smoothly and successfully.
Our award-winning Chef Derek Som and his culinary team set the tone for the Redden Conference with Pacific Rim flavors.
We will get your festivities off to a delicious start with customized culinary selections for you and your guests.
Contact Our Sales and Catering team today
P: 360.671.1011
The Lakeway Inn Best Western Plus 714 Lakeway Dr Bellingham, WA 98229
For further assistance: Director of Sales: Christine Jenkins
The Best Western PLUS Lakeway Inn & Conference Center, managed by Providence Hospitality Partners, Providence Hospitality Partners.
The Lakeway Inn is located at 714 Lakeway Drive. The Lakeway Inn is totally smoke-free throughout its 132 guest rooms, two restaurants (Poppe’s 360 Neighborhood Pub and The Oboe Café), indoor pool, fitness area and 11,000 square feet of meeting-room space. For more information, call (360) 671-1011 or (888) 671-1011 or visit

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Paper Wasp (Polistes major)

Paper Wasp (Polistes major)

My in-laws had an awesome paper-wasp nest under their rain gutter. I had to contort my body significantly while standing on a ladder to shoot with the heavy 6D+MT-24EXII combination turned upside down. It was one of those examples of a time when a reasonable degree of physical fitness was essential for macro photography. Anyway, I was very nervous, because I was just a few inches from the nest, and every time I breathed too hard (easy to do when you’re flexing every muscle to hold such an awkward posture), they would all rise up and spread their wings in an aggressive posture. That said, they did not appear aggressive overall, and I managed to get a couple decent shots without any of them stinging me. It helped to do this just after sundown.

This is a single shot, cropped, flash lit. The background is the rain gutter behind the nest. You can see the head of one of the larva at the bottom of the frame.

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Tree Pose | Fitness

Tree Pose | Fitness

If random people on the street were asked to do the first yoga pose that came to mind, Tree Pose would definitely be in the top five. As basic and simple as it looks, this pose is definitely not easy to hold, since it challenges your sense of balance. But don’t skip it just because…

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Great Tit (Parus major)

Great Tit (Parus major)

Location: Huettenrode, Geramany

The Great Tit (Parus major) is a passerine bird in the tit family Paridae. It is a widespread and common species throughout Europe and Asia in any sort of woodland. It is resident, and most Great Tits do not migrate.

The Great Tit was originally described under its current binomial name by Linnaeus in his 18th century work, Systema Naturae. Its scientific name is derived from the Latin parus "titmouse" and maior "larger".

Great Tits come in many races, but they fall into three groups. Great Tits in temperate Europe and Asia are essentially green above and yellow below. Great Tits in China, Korea, Japan and southeastern Russia are green above and white or yellow-tinged white below, and Great Tits in India and south-east Asia are grey above and whitish below.

Description: The Great Tit is easy to recognize, large in size at 14 cm, with a broad black line (broader in the male) down its otherwise yellow front. The neck and head are black with white cheeks and ear coverts. Upper parts are olive. It has a white wingbar and outer tail feathers. In young birds the black is replaced by brown, and the white by yellow.

Voice: It is, like other tits, a vocal bird, and has a large variety of calls, of which the most familiar is a "teacher, teacher", also likened to a squeaky wheelbarrow wheel. In the First Movement of Bruckner’s 4th Symphony several Great Tit songs are strung together in a very realistic manner. Interestingly, Great Tits from the two south Asian groups of races do not recognize the calls of the temperate Great Tits, and they may be a separate species.

Distribution and habitat: The Great Tit has a wide distribution across much of Eurasia. It is found across all of Europe except for Iceland and northern Scandinavia, and then across the Middle East, Northern Morocco and Algeria and parts of central Asia as far as Japan. Another band of distribution occurs through Iran into northern India into Southeastern Asia, whilst another population lives in southern India. The species also occurs over much of China, Korea and Japan, and in Indonesia down into Borneo and as far as the Lesser Sundas.

The Great Tit was unsuccessfully introduced into the United States; birds were set free near Cincinnati, Ohio between 1872 and 1874 but failed to become established. Birds later introduced to the Almaty Province in what is now Kazakhstan in 1960-61 and have become established, although present status is unclear.

Behaviour: Great Tits will join winter tit flocks with other species.

Diet and feeding: Great Tits are primarily insectivores. They prefer protein rich caterpillars during breeding season to feed their young. A study published in 2007 found that Great Tits helped to reduce caterpillar damage in apple orchards by 50%. In England, Great Tits learned to break the foil caps sealing bottles of milk that had been delivered to homes to obtain the cream floating on top.

Breeding: Great Tits are cavity nesters, breeding in a hole that is usually inside a tree, although occasionally in a wall, rock face, and they will readily take to nest boxes. The number in the clutch is often very large, but seven or eight white spotted red eggs are normal, with bigger clutches being laid by two or even more hens. The bird is a close sitter, hissing when disturbed.

The nestlings are unusual for altricial birds in having plumage coloured with carotenoids similarly to their parents. In most species it is dun-coloured to avoid predation. The nape is yellow and attracts the attention of the parents by its ultraviolet reflectance. This may be to make them easier to find in low light or a signal of fitness to win the parents’ attention. This patch turns white after the first moult at an age of two months, and diminishes in size as the bird grows.

Relationship with humans: The Great Tit is a popular garden bird due to its acrobatic performances when feeding on nuts or seed. Its willingness to move into nest boxes has made it a valuable study subject in ornithology, and it is one of the best studied birds in the world.

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Transport Minister Danny Kennedy joined UTV’s Paul Clark and actress Olivia Nash at the Rise sculpture in Belfast’s Westlink – to get behind the Northern Ireland Hospice challenge

Transport Minister  Danny Kennedy joined UTV’s Paul Clark and actress Olivia Nash at the Rise sculpture in Belfast’s Westlink - to get behind the Northern Ireland  Hospice  challenge

The health and safety authorities would write it off under normal circumstances, but jogging along the usually busy Westlink will soon become a reality with less than three weeks to the ‘Between the Bridges’ 5km walk, jog or run on Sunday June 22 in support of the Northern Ireland Hospice.

UTV’s Paul Clark and actress Olivia Nash joined Transport Minister Danny Kennedy at the Rise sculpture in Belfast’s Westlink – to get behind the charity road challenge.

The circuit has already caught the imagination of the local running fraternity, with some of the best athletes in NI pledging their support including; Cathy McCourt, Ed McGinley and Kerry O’Flaherty. Irish League soccer players and local GAC clubs will join the masses around the course, while well-known locals; former Lord Mayor of Belfast Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, singer; Brian Kennedy and newly crowned Miss Northern Ireland Rebekah Shirley have also got behind the big day.

The Park Centre marks the start and finish line for the event and as the entry list continues to grow, people from right across Belfast and beyond are encouraged to get purple, get registered and raise vital funds for the much needed rebuild of the adult hospice facility.

Danny Kennedy said: “I am delighted to be in a position to facilitate the Northern Ireland Hospice with this very worthwhile event.

“When my Department was first approached to support ‘Between the Bridges’ it was clear for safety reasons that a road closure would be unavoidable. However, we were able to coordinate the request with the road operator and reschedule some planned maintenance to coincide with the event to keep any inconvenience to road users to a minimum.

“I am confident that drivers and the wider public will join with me in supporting the work of Northern Ireland Hospice and I would encourage everyone to get involved.”

Olivia Nash, Vice President of NI Hospice comments:

“This event will be a huge boost for our local Hospice. I have heard so many people taking about it, but now we need to put words into action and enter the event. All sponsorship will go directly to help rebuild the new Adult Hospice facility at Somerton House. I intend to walk the 5k route and look forward to meeting lots of friendly and familiar faces on the Westlink”

Organiser Stuart Kennedy from Springvale Employment & Learning Solutions welcomes the support of the Minister and all those in attendance saying:

“This event is a unique opportunity that all runners, joggers, walkers and families can take part in. So why not come along and join the sporting and television personalities who have already signed up. Everyone who takes part will receive a medal to commemorate the day. This event highlights the need for health and fitness, and cross community initiatives which have been made possible with the support of the Department for Regional Development, Belfast City Council, the Park Centre and many other stakeholders”

“The motivation behind this event is the NI Hospice. Most of us know the devastation that cancer and other life limiting conditions can bring to families and loved ones. Hospice provides care for people of all ages and is an opportunity for us to give something back, raise much needed funds and get off that couch, get active and have fun – with less than 3 weeks to go, sign up today!”


•The timed 5km charity road run is sponsored by Springvale Employment and Learning Solutions, organised by the NI Hospice Belfast to Boston Marathon team and delivered in partnership with Community Multisport.

•Registration is quick and easy at Alternatively – pick up an application form at your local leisure center or register by phone on 028 9077 7123

•Following years of planning, detailed research and wide consultation, NI Hospice is embarking on the next stage of its journey – to build a new Hospice that meets the end of life care needs of the next generation. Construction work is now well underway on a purpose built adult hospice at Somerton Road, North Belfast. The state-of-the-art new hospice has been designed to care for people with complex care needs and the growing numbers of people in need of end of life care.

•A timeframe of 18 months has been set and it is expected that the new adult hospice will be open and operational in late 2015.

•The project will cost £13million. Of this, £10.4 million has already been raised from the public, government and philanthropic sources. However, Hospice still needs to raise the final £2.6 million.

For press enquiries contact: Una Daly, Communications Assistant
Tel | 075 6810 8386 Email |

PHOTO: Press Eye

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Liverool coperation atlantean L501 Reg No 501 KD

Liverool coperation atlantean L501 Reg No 501 KD

seen parked on travis street mancheste on rMay 4, 2013 at 4.30PM BST

L501 was numerically the second vehicle from Liverpool’s batch of 200 Leyland Atlanteans (L500 to L699) bodied by Metro Cammell which were delivered between November 1962 and September 1964.

The bus was rebuilt prior to delivery with a revised rear end design, which differed from the other buses being built at the same time, and was displayed on Metro Cammell’s stand at the 1962 Commercial Motor Show held at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London. This revised rear end design was adopted for the vehicles delivered from May 1963 (L560 to L699).

The body was designed by Liverpool Corporation and incorporated ideas that were interpreted from contemporary car designs of the period and was a great improvement on the bodybuilder’s standard product available at the time. Buses built to Liverpool’s design were also delivered to Bury and Bolton Corporations. The chassis of these Atlanteans differed from Leyland’s standard chassis.

Liverpool had rebuilt its original 1959 experimental Atlantean, E2, with numerous new features and most of these were incorporated in the production batch. It was found that by moving the steering column and driver’s controls to the offside by a few inches, a wider platform area was created improving passenger loading times. It also made it easier to reverse the bus as the driver had improved vision. The wheelbase was also extended by six inches to allow for the seating to be arranged in a back-to-back fashion over the rear wheel arches, increasing the seating capacity.

Large-scale introduction of the Atlanteans was delayed whilst the unions and the Corporation settled their differences over the use of bigger buses. So it was not until 4th February 1963 that the first routes, the 86 & 87 Pier Head – Garston Circular, were converted to Atlantean operation and L500 to L519 were allocated to Garston Garage for use on these routes. L501 remained at Garston garage until it was de-licensed in July 1969, after which it underwent a "B4 Dock", which was the initial overhaul that buses required after seven years’ service. This was required for a Certificate of Fitness, the equivalent of a MOT, to be issued. The B4 Dock was a very thorough overhaul which saw nearly all the exterior panelling removed to enable the basic structure of the vehicle to be checked for damage and corrosion, and rectified if required. The The mechanical and electrical components would also be checked and replaced where necessary. Following repanelling and a repaint the bus would emerge almost like new.

L501 was converted to facilitate One-Man-Operation at the same time as the overhaul, this included fitting a periscope, simplified destination displays and equipping the driver’s cab with a cab door that housed ticketing and cash handling equipment. On completion L501 was returned to Garston Depot.

The 1st December 1969 saw the formation of the Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive, which took over the responsibility of running the buses from the corporations of Liverpool, Birkenhead and Wallasey. The new organisation created three Divisions, Liverpool North and Liverpool South, which retained the green and cream livery introduced by Liverpool, and Wirral, which adopted a new livery of blue and cream.

Shortly after, on 15th December 1969, L501 was transferred to the North Division and allocated to Green Lane depot. Here it was used on routes serving West Derby, Cantril Farm and Huyton. It was then transferred to Walton depot on 2nd April 1973 where it was used on the cross-city services such as the 3, 20 and the 25. It continued working at Walton until its Certificate of Fitness expired on 4th August 1975 when it was withdrawn from service and stored at Edge Lane Works pending disposal.

At the time, the bus building business could not keep up with the high levels of demand, and long delays were being experienced with the delivery of new vehicles. As a result, it was decided that fifty of the 1962-64 Atlanteans would be put through another B4 Dock overhaul to enable them to be re-certified and returned to service. In addition to the work associated with the B4 Dock, the buses were completely re-trimmed internally and lost the distinctive aluminium ribbed skirt in favour of plain aluminium sheet.

Apart from a few which saw further use as driver training vehicles, the rest went for scrap although a small number were sold on for further use, the largest batch going to Fylde Borough Transport, others went to small independent operators around the country. Two of them were exported to Australia where they were operated on school bus duties for many years eventually outliving the rest of the batch. (L554 is currently being restored in Australia).

L501 was one of those chosen for re-certification and it entered the rebuilding programme at the beginning of 1976, re-emerging in that April. It was initially allocated to Litherland depot to cover for the Bristol REs that were being overhauled.

On 7th June 1976 it returned to Green Lane depot where it stayed until the end of 1979. The South Division depot at Prince Alfred Road was L501’s final home until it was withdrawn on 3rd August 1981 after nearly 19 years of service to the people of Liverpool. The last of these attractive buses in service in Liverpool were L509 & L510, which finally bowed out at Green Lane, at the end of 1981. Following withdrawal L501 was moved to Speke depot for safe storage.

In February 1982, following successful negotiations with the MPTE, L501 was placed on permanent loan to the Mersey & Calder Bus Preservation Group. Unfortunately, it had been stored outside at Speke during the harsh winter without any anti-freeze in the engine and as a result it suffered severe frost damage to its engine.

Apart from a couple of excursions including taking part in the filming of Channel 4’s film "One Summer", it was stored awaiting the time and resources needed to restore it to its former condition.

As a direct result of bus de-regulation L501, along with the other buses loaned by the MPTE to the Mersey & Calder BPG, was donated to the group in October 1986 for continued preservation.

Since then a determined effort has been made on getting L501 restored back to its early 1960s condition. The cracks in the engine block were stitched up, the front suspension and steering reconditioned and the bodywork received considerable attention to revert back to its original two-man condition, replacing the fittings removed during its last two overhauls.

The bus is now operational again and appears at many events.

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ND0_4285 – Caledos Runner on Lumia 820

ND0_4285 - Caledos Runner on Lumia 820

The fast and fluid running app for windows phone. Inspired by the best phone UI designed by Microsoft and Nokia, Caledos Runner gives you a unique and smooth experience on your phone.

Track your fitness activities, get motivated, and have fun doing it:
– See detailed stats around your pace, distance, and time, on a big, bold and easy to read interface.
– Get stats and progress through your headphones with built-in audio cues in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
– Listen and control your music, use voice commands while you work out.

Burn calories and measure your performance over time:
– View a detailed history of your activities to see how you are doing.

Share with friends:
– Join the more than 10M people who are using RunKeeper and his Healthgraph,
– Track your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, ski runs, and more using the GPS in your Windows Phone!
– Post your activities to Facebook, Twitter and your friends via
– Get a broader picture of your health at

Caledos Runner is built using Healthgraph public API. It is developed solely by the CaledosLab team and is NOT affiliated with FitnessKeeper inc.

Main features:
– audio cues and VOICE COMMANDS(*) in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
– background music with integrated Media player (*)
– offline maps (*)
– stats dashboard with burned calories, distance, #activities over time graphs
– big bold and easy to read interface
– integration with RunKeeper
– share your activity on main social networks
– create read modify delete activities via UI
– track and display distance, calories, time, pace, speed, position etc.

(*) WP8 only

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This wrestler makes it look easy as he swings the club-like instrument over and around his shoulders. Truth is, the club is heavy (I could barely lift it, but then again, I’m a puny tourist).

I had stopped off at a little akhara to the north of Manmandir Ghat in Varanasi one morning, to find a group of men preparing for their morning constitution after their bath in the Ganges. It wasn’t long before I was invited to photograph them – then I lent my camera to a couple of boys who were also at the akhara and showed them how to take pictures. One of the boys had an instinctive knowldge of framing and composition – and took an amazing picture of one of his fellows lifting weights.

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